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Dear  Client,

You have expressed interest in using our services and asked for a little more information.

We are consultants who specialize in consulting companies wishing to "go public" and existing public companies. As consultants, we guide you through the maze of going public either by the filing process or by reverse merger. After you are public we guide you through the mazes of developing a market for your stock, bringing in finance to your company, and doing what public companies do best - mergers and acquisitions. As consultants, we help you structure your company to achieve your long and short term objectives and to prevent those with self-interests from structuring your company in THEIR favor.

We are long-term team members and, if you choose, will be with your company from inception of your going public intentions until you achieve your exit strategy years from now. We will back you up with every resource we have and every resource we will develop in the future. We have hundreds of connections to professionals in this business and constantly are developing more.

Originally we provided corporate document preparation services for companies wishing to go public. As we grew, we began consulting companies on structuring and "going public" strategies and providing referrals to other necessary professionals such as SEC attorneys, SEC accountants, Market Makers, Broker Dealers, Investment Bankers, Investment Relations firms, and PR firms, merger and acquisitions specialists, and other business consultants to assist in growing your business.

In the past few years we have been working to expand our services even further. We have assumed the role of "senior consultants" who understand and can educate you in all aspects of going public. More importantly, we can offer management "consultation" with integrity. Though we can offer you referrals in every aspect of the "going public" process, we are at arms length to all of our referrals. Thus, we can introduce you to and help you build a team of professionals to develop your public company and at the same time we can help protect the company from the "natural" self interests of the various team members by helping you review all contracts and educating management on more desirable alternatives when necessary.

We have long recognized that business owners and management need "senior consultants" who understand and can coordinate all aspects of the "public" process. As without a senior consultant, business owners and management often become "prey" to WALL STREET, Venture Capitalists, and other investors and investment bankers who both INVEST in you, then advise you what is best for your company. The only problem is their FIRST allegiance is to getting THEIR money back, their second allegiance is to you.  Thus even if  MORGAN STANLEY or MERRILL LYNCH want to take you public, you still need consultants like us to protect your own interests. And we can usually get you better terms and a better deal from such companies than you can on your own.

In addition to being "senior consultants" we also do "specific consultations".  That is, we will work under your existing "senior consultant" or experienced management and perform specific consulting tasks such as corporate document preparation, structuring, making referrals, coordinating, reviewing plans, structure, or contracts, etc.

We are pleased that you have considered us to work with your existing or soon-to-be public company. We will be happy to provide references to you if needed, and we look forward to working with you in some way.

If you have any questions, please give me a call at 818-242-0522 x 401.


Charlene Kay


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