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Media Relations
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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing Service - As part of our consulting services,  we also provide high tech marketing solutions to expand your business and make your sales efforts more efficient. We can design and implement lead generating systems utilizing targeted marketing via 100% Can-Spam compliant opt-in email campaigns and telemarketing campaigns. We can provide you with your own equipment, or you can rent our equipment, or rent our leads. We will even consider joint and revenue sharing ventures.

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CRM (Customer Relations Management)
equipment and services custom designed for you. Triple your sales revenue by increasing the efficiency of your sales leads and sales team.
Equipment and services available.

Email Services - Targeted 100% Can - Spam compliant opt-in email lists and services available.

Telemarketing Services
- Drive business leads into your office, website or retail location with a localized or targeted telemarketing campaign. SMS campaigns also included.

Mail Services - Targeted USPS print and mail services available.

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Assistance for private companies wishing to go public.

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